Brief Information

  • Online offset correction
  • Full Closed loop X , Y (linear scale) with error compensation
  • Motorized Z Axis with LM Guideways
  • Low running cost
  • Avg. Cutting speed 80 mm²/min on steel (HcHcr / WPS)
  • X , Y Axis With LM Guideways
  • Best surface finish 1.0 to 2 μRa
  • Inbuilt 2 Axis DRO
  • Reusable Molybdenum & Brass wire technology
Worktable size (mm)400 X 600
X , Y Axis travel (mm)320 X 400
Max Z height (mm)350
Max work piece height (mm)350
Max work piece size (mm)400 X 640
Max work piece weight300 Kg.
Machine toll size (L x M x H) (mm)1700 X 1300 X 2450
Max taper cutting angle±3°/100 mm job height
Wire diameterMolybdenum 0.18 mm(std.) 0.12 & 0.25 mm (opt.) Brass wire 0.25 mm (std.)
Sample Jobs