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Enhance performance of your old Reciprocating wirecut machine, just replace the old pulse generator with the upgraded new Indian make NXG series WIRECUT PULSE GENERATOR

CNC Wirecut Generator Machine



Super Finish Pulse Provision.

Online offset correction facility .

Auto Align Function .

Minimum input command - 0.001 mm, Minimum increment - 0.001 mm .

Resolution of XYUV- 0.001mm.

Input power supply- 3 phase ,415 VAC., Connected load- 1 kVa.

MDI Function, Mid program Function, Pre-Spark facility, Pre-Jog facility.

Multipasss cutting facility, Complex cutting facility.

Auto gap short recovery, Single block execution, Program zoom in facility, Gear profile generation .

View original,top and bottom position on window .

Inbuilt 4 axis DRO.

Best surface finish of 1 uRa .

Resumption of cutting from power fail position .

DXF file interface, Auto parameter selection, Option for tangential entry and exit, Multi cavity and multi pass option with holding facility, Modify taper, arc options .

Quick path generation option, 2D Graphic simulation and 3D graphic display with rotate and zoom option .

Path modify option: taper change, Taper skip, Progressive taper, Powerful path generation and functions

Enhance performance of your old Continuous wirecut machine, just replace the old pulse generator with the upgraded new Indian make SMART CUT series WIRECUT PULSE GENERATOR
Wirecut CNC Generator



Max. cutting speed 140 mm²min on steel (HcHcr/ WPS) .

Online offset correction., Auto Align function for work piece .

Low running cost .

Best surface finish 0.8 to1 µ Ra .

CS-EDM machining parameter override., CC-Corner control to avoid wire breakages.

DXF file interface, Gear profiles generation., Complex profiles generation.

Profile Zoom and Pan facility, Option to display different profile layers (X,Y,U,V,original profile).

MDI, Mid program - To start or end program at any given block, Pre-Spark function, Pre-Jog function.

Inbuilt 5 axis DRO (X,Y,U,V,Z axis), Maintenance activity alerts for consumables.

2D graphic simulation of wire path, Display of operator help and error message, Resumption of cutting from power fail position.

Edge find operation., Auto gap short recovery, Multi-pass and Multi-cavity facility.

New profile can be generated while sparking, Resumes sparking from same position after power fail.

Automatic center find.