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CNC EDM Wirecut

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Wirecut EDM Machine
Spark Machining EDM Machine
EDM Spark Machining in India
EDN DIA Sinking
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EDM CNC Wirecut Machine
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Dia Sinking EDM Machine



Programmable z-axis with high speed jump(2000 mm/min.).

Z-axis with Ball screw.

AC servo motor for Z -axis.

Safe mode function.

Fuzzy Logic function.

Z-axis reference function.

Array and PCD Programming.

Unlimited steps per program.

Adaptive 5-stage anti arc system.

Impulse flushing.

Carbide cutting/Graphite Cutting.

User friendly GUI.

Auto cycle operation based on:

Lift distance, Machining depth, Auto cycle for better carbon removal.

Wire Burining EDM Machine